Water mains replacement

Save your money and your time on water mains replacement with the latest equipment and technique. Our modern technology can bore accurate efficient channels for new pipework without the need for for large scale excavation. We aim to find a solution which will have minimal damage and disruption to your property.

The water mains replacement starts from the stop tap at the boundary of your property right upto the connection in your house. This will provide you with a single seamless water supply replacement that has integrity and flexibility leaving it less prone to splits and cracks with none of the risks of lead contamination.

Using what we call ‘moling’ technique, trenchless water pipe replacement which is quicker, more efficient and much more cost effective than the traditional trenching methods previously used in the past.

On completion, EPS will sign off the work as we are Water Company approved contractors. This service includes survey, excavation, water supply pipe replacement, connection and reinstatement.

Drains Unblocked

Drains unblocked

Water Mains & Pumps

Water mains & pumps