Drain repairs and installation

We are Drainage experts at dm drains and have the knowledge, experience and skills to provide a range of drain services. If you require drain repair, unblocking or installation we will have the solution.

There are a number of reasons why your drains need repair, ranging from a high number of blockages, general wear and tear, tree root growth, ground movement due to expansive soils, water escaping and washing away structural sub base and many more. Thankfully in today’s market, drainage CCTV surveys are available to investigate the cause and condition to enable a speedy resolution.

At DM drains we use recorded CCTV surveys to investigate the problem and provide a solution there and then.- which could simply be high pressure water jetting to remove some scale, or major excavation and drain replacement for more extensive damage.

Drains Unblocked

Drains unblocked

Water Mains & Pumps

Water mains & pumps